New Close Farm Shop

All the meat that we produce on the farm is sold through the Farm Shop and all our animals are traditionally reared on grass, grain and locally sourced feed. We specifically finish them slowly to allow the taste to develop in the meat. We believe in doing our animals justice and we keep them as long as we need to for this to happen. You won't find anything in the shop that we don't think will be delicious. All our red meat is hung before butchering to relax the muscle fibres and mature the taste. We butcher all the meat by hand (no band-saws at New Close Farm!) and make mince, burgers, sausages and bacon on the premises to our traditional recipes.

Unlike mass-produced 'meat-products', our sausages and bacon are made with real meat - good quality cuts and trim that we would be happy to eat just as it is. You certainly won't find us using 'mechanically separated meat' or connective tissue in our food; we're proud of the care we take and the quality of what we produce, while quite frankly, some producers should be ashamed. We are always happy to talk to you about what animals we have, all the way through to how we butcher the meat and what we put in our sausages and burgers, or how we make then. We've nothing to hide and its nice that people are interested - so if you are, just ask!

We are happy to take orders for special events (a christening BBQ was our favourite so far!) or unusual cuts, and boxes of beef, lamb and pork are also available. Ask for more details.

We keep our own pigs on the farm, mainly a combination of Gloucester Old Spots and Saddlebacks. We use the rare breeds for pork joints and chops, and occasionally we keep another breed (such as a Large White) for making bacon and sausages. We're proud of our pork, sausages and bacon and we'd like you to try some too! If you have a suggestion for a sausage recipe, mention it, and if we try it and like it, we'll make some!

We keep Black Welsh Mountain sheep, Wensleydale and Wensleydale crosses, together with various commercial breeds, usually to a Texel ram. We breed all own stock (Fingal and Blackie are our rams!) and keep them all here on the farm. We find that although the rare breeds grow more slowly and sometimes finish a little lighter, the taste is worth the wait. With a little bit of luck, one day we might be able to do something with all that lovely warm wool too! Our lamb and hogget is extremely popular, so when we do have some, its worth trying!

Our beef is always chosen for taste and quality and we hang the carcass before butchering. We keep Angus-cross breeds, Highlands, and also find that Belted Galloway are also extremely tasty! We are always happy to cut joints to order when they're available or to prepare an unusual or traditional cut, so if there is something you want to try, just ask!

We occasionally have venison, rabbit, etc if it becomes available. Grab some when it is in the shop as its a bit of treat!

We are open...

Thursday and Friday from 9.00 am until 6.30 pm and Saturday from 9.00 am until 3.00 pm

How to find us

We are found between Sacriston and Witton Gilbert, near Durham City, just off the B6312. Look carefully for the sign next to the bungalows.

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