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When we set up the Farm Shop, we were initially focussed on establishing it as the place to go for organic fruit and veg and we kept our various livestock for fun and to help look after the land. We were always interested in rare breeds and their conservation, and when customers kept enquiring about the livestock and was it available, we decided that, given our existing interests, we should try and promote slow-grown, rare breed poultry and livestock as alternatives to the more generic, fast-growing breeds that are more common today.

We now have our own on-farm butchery where we process everything that goes into the shop. We don't re-label goods from elsewhere; our occasional additional producers are clearly labelled as such - we do ensure though that we only get the best though! We use traditional, family recipes in the butchery for our hand-made sausages and burgers, and our bacon is cured using a traditional dry cure that means our bacon doesn't shrink, spit or leave behind that milky-scummy residue that you often find from mass-produced meat. Similarly, we don't use binders or additives to "bulk out" our sausages or burgers. Our meat reminds people what real meat should and does taste like.

If we need to supplement our own livestock supplies (it takes literally years to build up stocks of and to finish large animals), we always try to favour local, rare breed producers where we know the animals will be looked after and will have the taste that we and our customers look for. We can tell you the providence of everything in the shop, so if you're keen to protect a breed by creating a demand for it and making it worthwhile to keep, or if you are looking for a particular joint or cut, please ask. Look at our blog and twitter feeds for up-to-date information on what we have from week to week.

We are also keen to open up the butchery to other producers so they can have their animals processed for their own use. It goes without saying that the butchery is fully approved and fully equipped for hanging, cutting, processing and packing. More importantly, it also comes with the most fantastic traditional butcher and means that we can provide a bespoke service from start to finish - your animal how you want it. Again, please get in touch if you are interested in this facility.

You might think that all of this sounds expensive? Why should it be? Quality doesn't always come with an expensive price tag so please do drop in or contact us and find out more.

We are open...

Thursday and Friday from 9.00 am until 6.30 pm and Saturday from 9.00 am until 3.00 pm

How to find us

We are found between Sacriston and Witton Gilbert, near Durham City, just off the B6312. Look carefully for the sign next to the bungalows.

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