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For convenience, we can put together your orders ready for you to collect from the Farm Shop. These can be to a set value with no real preferences of content, or a request for specific items only.

If you don't have any specific fruit and veg preferences, the contents of will vary slightly to reflect seasonality and availability. That said, a typical box might include a selection from potatoes, carrots, red and white onions, cauliflower, broccoli, parsnips, cabbage, turnip/swede, chard, leeks, lettuce or fresh salad leaves, tomatoes, mushrooms, aubergines, courgette, red and green peppers, ginger, garlic, eating and cooking apples, pears, plums, oranges, satsumas / clementines, bananas and kiwi fruit, depending on the customers preferences and the season.

You can also specify dairy requirements and other groceries on our online order form.

Unlike many schemes, we don't require a long-term commitment or regular orders; we understand that people have busy lives and that their requirements will vary from week to week. We just ask that if you're going to change your order please let us know.

We are happy to vary quantities of produce and the content of the box to reflect individual preference. For example, we could adjust the types of produce to reflect individuals' wishes over the use of only organic or local food.

We have an online order form to simplify the ordering process.

We'd be grateful if you could fill this in as part of your first order as it allows us to customise the box to your preferences. An additional pre-order form for meat orders is available here.

Order online

If you have any queries at all on the service, please email or contact us through our contact form on our Contact Us page.

We are open...

Thursday and Friday from 9.00 am until 6.30 pm and Saturday from 9.00 am until 3.00 pm

How to find us

We are found between Sacriston and Witton Gilbert, near Durham City, just off the B6312. Look carefully for the sign next to the bungalows.

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